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Is your child taking orchestra this year? Are you looking for an outside activity for your child? Well the L-Stringz Music Academy provides private lessons in the area of Violin, Viola, and Music Theory. Click here for more information regarding lessons and to sign up for a FREE 30min LESSON with Ms. Holmes!

L-Stringz Music Academy
Two Week Orchestra Camp!

Next Summer, the L-Stringz Music Academy will be hosting our FIRST annual two week Orchestra Camp! We are in search for students of all levels in the areas of Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass. Each orchestra will also have the opportunity to explore playing other genres of music on string instruments as well as performance opportunities throughout camp. Camp dates will be in JUNE and hosted in person (address and exact dates to come in the winter)
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Music materials

Are you or your student musician trying to figure out what books to get for extra practice? 

Well check out our favorite books that can help with all aspects of your start in music! Most of these books can be found for all string instruments.

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