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Virtual Music Camp FInale

The 2021 Summer Academy Kidz completed their 3rd Annual Summer Finale Concert!
Take a look at our June Camp Video.

Virtual ViolinCamp

If you want your child ready for violin this fall or if they need help relearning what they did for school orchestra this is for you!


The L-Stringz Music Academy will be offering a one week Virtual Violin camp geared towards teaching/relearning skills on violin that will help for the upcoming school year!

Camp Dates: July 19th - 23nd, 2021

Tuition: $150 (Register before June 30th for $25 off)


         One Week of Instruction


         Personalized Video Lessons outside of regular camp             time.


         One Free Private Lesson (Scheduled for After Camp)


         Camp Awards and Finale Show

                                   Register Here


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