Music Academy Camps

The L-Stringz Music Academy hosts a two week camp every summer during the second and third weeks of June. Additionally, the L-Stringz Music Academy has several "smaller" camps through out the school year to provide multiple instruction opportunities.


2 Week Summer Camp

The summer camp is a 10 day intensive program to teach Music Theory and Performance to elementary, middle, and high school students with opportunities for internships for college students studying music. The campers are split into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. All students are welcome but those seeking the intermediate and advance courses are auditioned and screened before being allowed to join those courses.

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Back to School Bootcamp.jpg

Back to School Bootcamp!

The Back to School Bootcamp is a 1 week individualized program to get students ready for music classes in the school year. During this one week students will receive 40 minutes of private instruction and theory everyday in addition to the "Practice Pack" which includes materials to help jump start student musicians for another successful school year and be ahead of their music class!