Getting Started

Starting any new hobby or activity can be intimidating at first, especially in the area of music where there are so many different books and materials to choose from! Here is some of MY favorite books I use for myself as well as my students 🎻

Music Theory Books

As I tell my students, "You have to know what you're playing" so thats why music theory is vitally important! My favorite books to use for teaching my students music theory is Alfed's Essentials of Music Theory Volume 1


Scales are the basis of all music so it is important to have a scale book in your music library. There are many scale books with different methods of fingerings, but I recommend using Barbara Barber's Scales for Advanced Violinists (Or Violists for those who do not play violin). These books have a variety of fingerings, techniques, and can be used for one,  two, and three octave scales.

Method Books

Method books allow you/your student to hone in certain skills on their instruments. Method books can range from anything such as positioning, bow control, rhythm counting, and more! Some method I recommend for any musician are: Winning Rhythms, Introducing the Positions, and Dancla School of Mechanism.